Women After God’s Own Heart Ministries is a place to address the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of women in the church. We encourage women to improve their potential for participation in the mission of the church and at the same time, we offer a support system for hurting women—whether they are suffering from divorce, abuse or simply loneliness.

  • We help address topics and issues as they affect the woman.
  • We encourage young women through guidance and scholarship programs.
  • We encourage women to become involved in all areas of ministry in their church, their community, and in their home.
  • We mentor young women so that they may find joy in the Lord.
  • Women After God’s Own Heart Ministries recognizes that women have many Gifts of the Spirit and we attempt to help women discover and use these gifts to the glory of God.


Our Minister, Natasha Fick has been the backbone of our Ministry, the founder, the pillar, the strength. Her story is truly inspirational, she wrote a Daily Devotional for the Busy Women in Afrikaans. She's also busy with her biography, which will be published soon. And she has already finished a book of Scriptures out of the book of Psalms: To encourage people. Especially in these times that we are living in. Find out more about Minister Natasha Fick by clicking the "Our Minister" button below.

Minister Natasha Fick