4th Annual Global AfriCAN Authors Awards 2021


Natasha Fick has won the "Unlock the stories within" Award for her Book "My Life, My Story Against All Odds" in 2021 at the 4th Annual Global AfriCAN Authors Awards 2021.

"My Life, My Story, is about a young girl who made wrong choices. She made wrong decisions and didn't know where she was going to end up one day. But God had a bigger plan for her life. He used her story for His Glory. It's a story about rejection, pain and difficulty. But through it all, she overcame her difficulties by the Grace of God. She never gave up on her dreams and the promise she made to herself. She went up against all odds, against everything that was against her."

Tshienda Publications, the publication company that published Natasha's book, nominated 27 of their titles last year and Natasha Fick was one of the authors who received an Honoree Authors Award at the 4th Annual Global African Authors Awards 2021 hosted by Anthea Thyssen in Johannesburg.



You can buy a copy of Natasha's book online by clicking the book cover on the right hand side. You can also check out other prayer publications of Natasha's as well.