The Launch of Women After God's Own Heart's Ministry

"Run with you're Vision and Run with your Passion. Run in your own lane." 

Radio CCFM Interview

Feeding Scheme

We are inspired by our Minister, Natasha Fick, to follow the path that leads to our Divine Father, one of which is to help those in need, our focus is the children, our children, they sleep hungry, they wake hungry, the sad reality of this pain, we can only but make a small difference as we are limited by the resources we currently have. Here are inspirational Words from Minister Natasha Fick:

"Every single year, I asked the Lord:" Where can I sow into people's lives? "When the Lord tells me. Then I normally go Bless less fortunate children, Sunday schools and areas where children don't have anything. I like to give back to the Community, because God gives me Grace throughout the year and Blesses my business as well. This is my way of saying Thank you to the Lord. "

These initiatives are currently funded independently from Natasha's Cake & Bake, our minister's confectionery business, with plans to further expand our reach, at which time, we urge assistance from those who feel the same as us about a hungry child.

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